New Website Launch

For more than 60 years, Bethpage Car Wash has been servicing the local community with the highest quality car washes. At the car wash we only use top of the line quality products such as Rain-X, Triple Polish Wax, and Super Sealer. Bethpage Car Wash is fully staffed with highly trained professionals making sure you never wait more than 10 minutes. Our team also offers full service auto detailing that gets in every nook and cranny of your vehicle. While you're waiting for your vehicle you can browse through our full line of accessories including air fresheners, windshield wipers, fluids, mats, detail supplies.

We have recently upgraded new equipment to a state–of-the art, neoprene foam car wash system. This new system is computerized and dispenses the right amount of different soaps for each part of your car. This system will also adjust the amount of foam and pressure to be used based on the size of the vehicle.

To stay current and innovative, Bethpage Car Wash has decided to rebuild their current website. For this task they hired Long Island web design agency, Benjamin Marc. Benjamin Marc and their team currently designed the signature logo for Bethpage Car Wash. In a recent blog post on Benjamin Marc’s website, CEO Anthony Savino had this to say about Bethpage Car Wash.

“Working with Mike & Akiva from Bethpage Car Wash has been exceptional to say the least. They are very nice people to work for and let us take a creative lead. First, we started off we a logo design creating their elite brand. Next we designed & printed their print media such as business cards, post cards, signs & more. Finally, we wrapped it up with a full responsive website that is packed with useful information for online visitors. Since the launch we have noticed an increase in web traffic”.

Please feel free to browse through our new website and let us know your thoughts!